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Mission: Evergreen Cemetery is the municipal cemetery of the Village of Owego. The Friends of Owego Evergreen Cemetery, Inc. assist the community through fund-raising and direct action to preserve, maintain, improve, and protect the natural beauty of Evergreen Cemetery, and to encourage educational programs regarding the cemetery's historic and cultural significance. Our activities and the money we raise help defray local tax liability.

Charitable Status: The “Friends” are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Relationship to the Village of Owego: Although the Friends may act to improve Village property (Evergreen Cemetery) they are a private corporation not controlled or directed by the Village.

What we do: The Friends act through fund raising, direct action (cemetery work days), educational and historical events, research and writing to assist families of the beloved buried in Evergreen Cemetery and for the benefit of community and visitors as well.

Board of Directors:
Joan Hunt, President
Alicia Vasilow, Vice President
Marie Ward, Treasurer
Peter Gordon, Secretary
Patricia Loewe
Rikki Springsteed

We also have 2 open positions.