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Every business owner needs a web site. Online marketing and online sales have both grown since the emergence of the internet. Think back to the early days of the internet when young, rogue, tech entrepreneurs were the only ones with web sites. Compare this to today where every advertisement you see or hear includes a web site. Web sites have become an essential part of doing business.

There are tools which exist for straightforward creation of web sites and there are many who take advantage of these. This route requires some time commitment on the part of the business owner. There are some among us who have the time, interest, and skill with computers to make this approach successful.

Then there is the more typical business owner involved deeply in getting, and keeping, a small to medium business running. With the myriad details of finance, marketing, customer interaction, advertising, etc….there just isn’t a lot of spare time to spend many happy hours trolling the internet for tools to create and support a web site.

In fact, web creation is only part of the task. Maintaining a dynamic web site takes continued effort. Adding new information to your web site must become a periodic activity where new information needs to be added on a regular basis.

There are many services you might choose to create your web site. Many of these services will provide a well designed site. However, this can come at a cost that your startup or small business finds simply too large.

For those of use with neither the luxury of time nor the inclination to learn a set of web creation skills, there are the professionals at Farfalla Design. We know the issues of the small to medium business owner because this is where we started and this is where most of our customers live.

We provide a team of professional web site developers with:
• Years of experience
• Access to common web tools for small businesses
• A proven track record of successful web site designs for businesses just like yours

Most importantly, we provide very reasonably priced entry level web designs with all of the basic tools you need to create a presence on the web and to reach those untapped customers. We provide these entry level designs because we KNOW how difficult it can be to get started with the web – we were once there ourselves! To our team, it makes sense to get your business on the web with as little fuss and as quickly as possible.

We would be delighted to talk to you. Please take some time to explore the rest of our site. Have a look at some of our designs we have developed and are maintaining for our satisfied customers.


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