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Carolyn Pulford Photography
Carolyn Pulford specializes in still life and food photography.
Our Green Acres
Our farmstand and farmers markets offer fresh farm produce for you and your family. We also have u-pick available! Visit us and you will be glad you did!
The Christmas Flyer
The Christmas Flyer is the story of a young boy's Christmas and his growing doubts about the origins of the celebration he has come to cherish. He spends his Christmas season preparing for the holiday, but also investigating alternative explanations for what he has simply accepted in Christmases past. What he discovers during this one special season defies explanation, yet is Christmas - in a simple, anonymous, and unintended gift. And this gift lives on in The Christmas Flyer.
Owego Apalachin Foundation for Excellence in Education
The Owego Apalachin Foundation For Excellence in Education is a community wide, independent, not-for-profit organization.



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