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Do you need a web site to get your business on the internet?

We can provide a web site for your business quickly with minimal cost.

Basic web site creation
We will create a web site that is custom designed for your business or purpose. Web pages will be generated for your review and correction until ready for activation. If you need writing assistance, we are here to help you! Your web site will have links to a variety of other pages ensure completeness.
Online store and PayPal
If your site needs an online store, we can do that for you! PayPal is our choice of payment for your online store.
Artwork and logo design
If necessary, we will assist you in creating or finding the perfect logo and adding artwork to give your site the look you want. Graphics and animation to fit the design and enhance your pages can also be added.
Periodic maintenance of web site
Keeping a web site fresh is important. We will work with you to provide periodic updates to your site.
URL purchasing
Beginning with some initial ideas, we will register the URL (dotcom) for your site. With this service you will not have to worry about when the URL expires, we will remind you and keep it activated for you.
Weblogs (Blogs), Discussion Groups, Online Forums
Any of these can be added, as required, to provide enhanced communication with your customers.
Invisible Counter
An invisible counter can be coded on your home page so you can get weekly reports on how many people have visited your site.

Packages start at $179.95!

Contact us for your free consultation and price quote!



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